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integrative medicine oncologists Syracsue NY

World-class Integrative Oncology 
Integrative Oncology in Syracuse, Rochester, Binghamton, NY

Integrative oncology service is delivered by the 7th generation medical oncology acupuncture doctor, Rui Wang. MD of China, in Syracuse, Rochester, Binghamton, NY areas.

Home of Integrative Oncology

Explore the Best Way Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine with Modern Conventional Western Medicine to Reach the Best Clinical Outcome 

Integrative Oncology for Cancer Pain Treatment

Pain management in oncology

Integrative Oncology for Cancer Treatment-induced Side Effects

Prescription Drugs, Cancer treatment in Syracuse NY

Integrative Oncology for Mental Health of Cancer Patients

cancer patient mental health

Integrative Oncology for Cancer Immunity

Integrative Oncology and Cancer Immunity

Integrative Oncology for Cancer Complications

Cancer complications

Integrative Oncology for Cancer Prevention

cancer prevention

​World-class Integrative Medicine
Integrate Tradition Chinese Medicine with Modern Conventional Western Medicine
Find the Best Way to Integrate through Clinical Translational Research 

* Do not stop your conventional western medicine care during acupuncture care! RUI Acupuncture care is only part of your comprehensive medical care, and is integrated with your conventional western medicine care.
* Contact us to schedule a professional evaluation and consultation appointment first, before you decide to have acupuncture care.

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