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Global Leading Integrative Medicine Centers in Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton, NY

Integrative Geriatric Medicine in Syracuse NY 靈樞 Senior Care
Integrative Geriatric Medicine in Syracuse NY 靈樞 Senior Care

Integrative Geriatric Medicine in Syracuse NY 靈樞 Senior Care in Syracuse, Rochester, Binghamton, NY
World-class Integrative Geriatric Medicine
Integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine with Conventional Western Medicine

What is geriatric medicine?
Geriatric medicine: The branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease in older people and the problems specific to aging. Also called geriatrics. 
Jay W. Marks, MD

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine is a term used to cover a broad range of practices that integrate Western medicine with complementary and alternative medicine and traditional medicine. 

What is integrative geriatric medicine?

Integrative geriatrics, also known as integrative geriatric medicine, is a new field of medicine that advocates for a whole-person, patient-centered, primarily non-pharmacological approach to medical care of the elderly. Most current geriatric practices overprescribe medications and procedures and underutilize non-pharmacological, low-cost, high-touch methods. Patients, however, often show reluctance towards these standard practices, as the interventions they rely upon are often invasive. The practice of integrative geriatrics is rooted in lifestyle interventions, such as nutrition, movement therapies, and mind-body and spirituality approaches, that allow patients to have different path to their healthcare-one that utilizes pharmaceuticals and invasive procedures only when safer integrative approaches are not available or not effective. by Mikhail Kogan , Andrew Weil.

Acupuncture is integrative medicine and the best option for senior health care:

Why acupuncture treatment is suitable for senior health care?
The functions of organs, tissues and cells are declining with aging, therefore, the abilities of seniors' organs and tissues to metabolite, secret and/or excrete drugs and drug metabolites are declining as well. Acupuncture is a drug-free therapy. Acupuncture send signaling to cell, tissue and organ through mechanical stimulation to modulate/reset host neuroimmunoendocrine network to regain its balance. However, the effects of drugs and herbs are through chemical stimulation and chemical receptors to send signaling to human body. As we know, all the drugs and even natural herbs are toxic, at different extents, to biological organism, they all have side effects to the host. Some natural herbs are extremely toxic to human body. So please do not think herb medication is safe. In addition, the detoxification abilities of senior are declining with aging as stated at the beginning. Rui Wang, MD of China, 7th Generation Medical Acupuncture, is an expert in integration of traditional Chinese medicine with conventional Western medicine. RUI offers integrative geriatric medicine for senior health care in Rochester NY, Syracuse NY, Binghamton NY. 

Geriatrics for arthritis and pain treatment in Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton, NY

Are you senior citizen and suffering from pain? Are you looking for the best geriatric medicine doctor for arthritis and pain treatment? Integrative pain management acupuncture is the best choice for you. Integrative pain management approach in geriatrics is the trends in senior healthcare in Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton, NY.

* Do not stop your conventional western medicine care during acupuncture care! RUI Acupuncture care is only part of your comprehensive medical care, and is integrated with your conventional western medicine care.
* Contact us to schedule a professional evaluation and consultation appointment first, before you decide to have acupuncture care.

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